Photo of Lori Henning

Lori Henning

What year did you begin working at Los Olivos School District?

Where did you attend college and what was your major?

College of the Atlantic, Maine
Major: Human Ecology, B.A.

What is your current profession?/ What grades have you taught?

I currently teach reading remediation for grades K-5th.
I have co-taught fourth grade, taught math and reading remediation, English Language Development and tutored all subjects for grades K-high school as well as private intensive reading remediation for individuals.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

I enjoy hiking, bike riding, reading, and spending time with my friends, my family and my partner Michael and delightful son, Caleb.

What do you love about Los Olivos School District?

I love the small community, the helpful staff at school and all the shining faces of its children that I’m fortunate to see everyday.

What is your message to the Los Olivos School Community?

Reading is truly a complicated process for our brains and not one, such as speaking, that they are wired to preform. Sometimes it takes intensive, explicit instruction to acquire reading skills and people of ALL intellectual capabilities can struggle to read. If you know anyone who struggles, there is information and help available!