Norah MacCuish

What year did you begin working at Los Olivos School District?

Where did you attend college and what was your major?

I attended college at the University of Chicago and I majored in Chemistry and I attended Cornell University and received my Ph.D. in Theoretical Physical Chemistry.

What is your current profession?/ What grades have you taught?

I teach middle school mathematics grades 6-8.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

I enjoy cooking, especially recipes from different countries. I like anything to do with math, reading math and also educational psychology research. I enjoying ‘hanging’ out with my two children who are both teenagers.

What do you love about Los Olivos School District?

K-8 schools are so special and I love teaching at Los Olivos! I enjoy having the opportunity to teach students for several years in a row and I also enjoy I watching them grow (and not just in math)!

What is your message to the Los Olivos School Community?

Math is everywhere! I appreciate the opportunity to share my love of math with Los Olivos students. My hope is that every student I teach will have a relationship with math that will carry them through whatever the future holds for them and that math will not keep them from pursuing a career that they would truly enjoy. When Los Olivos students move on to high school, my hope is that they will leave Los Olivos with a strong mathematical foundation for whatever career or mark they decide to make on the world.